Kirsten was introduced to yoga after an accident over 20 years ago left her with 4 crushed discs.  Surgery and years of therapy did nothing to alleviate the pain or bring full movement back to her limbs so she decided to give yoga a shot.  She didn’t know when she started this journey how much she would grow and how her life would change.  It wasn’t long before she knew that guiding others through this path was her destination.

Physically, enjoying the improvement in strength and flexibility.  Mentally, developing a better ability to focus and find calmness that are integrated into other aspects of life.  She completed training with The Sean O’Shea Foundation learning skills to work with youth in the public and private school system, The Prison Yoga Project with focus on PTSD, Reiki 2 Certified, specializes in working with young athletes at the local highschools and colleges and currently teaches Chakra and Adjustment Workshops in addition to her Vinyasa classes.

Yoga is now her faithful companion, transforming mind, body and spirit.  She finds it an honor to serve yogis with the intention of learning how to meet life challenges by relaxing more and using yoga as a means to explore yourself more deeply so that you can see the beauty and strength within.  Living life Big and Bright, without limitations.